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wild animals

Original and compelling, the presence of animals and vintage vehicles on an event brings a touch of authenticity.

Climbing a classic car is like travelling through time and space, visiting the history of automobile racing cars.

Animals, mythical, majestic or imposing, are probably the genuine note missing in many events...


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Bear Trainer

Friendly-looking, the bear is nonetheless wild and powerful.
The complicity between the bear and his trainer is
very impressive, especially when you see the
passion and mutual respect.

Gypsy Trailer

Ideal for a gypsy seer, the trailer is a real wooden "verdine" from 19th century. Equipped with table,
chairs and a small oil lamp, it is a typical decor for
your next event.

Snake Charmer

The charmer dances with her snakes, playing with
their effect of attraction and repulsion. The snakes always have a great impact and create the surprise whatever the place and whatever people...

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