Specifically designed to awake interest and involve guests in a friendly way, the play stands, games and creative workshops are available for all ages !

Asian calligraphy, origami, wine tasting, everything is a pretext for discovery and learning ...

Blackjack and poker require reflection while roulette requires luck !


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Japanese Origami
A specialist in ancient paper techniques, the artist performs in a few seconds a bird, a frog, a mouse,
a flower and other complex geometric figures...

Murder Party
A murder occurs without apparent motive...
Organized in teams, the detectives will be
responsible for unmasking the offender, using clues found during the game. Will they gather enough evidence to confuse the murderer before his next
crime ?...

Gospel Song Team Building
The choir conductor divides the assistance in three panels, according to the vocal range of each
participant. Each panel is working its partition
separately, prior to a refund, which allows to
see the overall progress. Pure fun !

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